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Namibia is especially rich in diamonds and uranium. Copper, tin, lead, silver, vanadium and tungsten are also mined. The export of such minerals makes up about 70% or the total export income. The other 30% comes from farming and fishing.

Oil and Gas

Namibia doesn't produce oil, but its offshore basins are believed to be oil rich.  Developments have been faster regarding natural gas resources, which were found in “The Kudu Fields”, located on the boarder with South Africa.

Livestock farming

The relentless climate restricts the cultivation of crops but many draw a living from livestock-farming. Cows, sheep, goats and game are the most common farm animals.


The rich fish grounds of Namibia make a considerable contribution to the income of the country. Excessive illegal fishing in Namibian waters, mostly by foreign companies has seriously depleted stocks, creating a potentially irreversible negative impact on the local economy.


As Namibia grows to become one of the most popular holiday destinations in Africa, the tourist industry is an important source of income for the country. Its landscape remains unspoiled due to the low population density and its natural beauty is still  unparalleled.

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Fair Tourism

We operate under the philosophy of Fair Tourism. Our 4 principles of Fair Tourism are: Respect, Fair Share, Sustainability, Integrity.


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