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Both host and visitor should have respect for human rights, culture and environment. This includes:

  • Safe Working Conditions and Practices
    Since most of the roads we’ll be travelling on are gravel, it can get very dusty inside the tour bus and can potentially cause discomfort so on our guided tours we only use air-conditioned vehicles. All of our vehicles are fitted with seatbelts and headrests to ensure both safety and comfort of our customers and employees.
  • Promoting Gender Equality
    The development projects we support, are structured to include gender equality.
  • Understanding and being Tolerance of Socio-Cultural Norms
    Imbizi guided tours are always led by experienced and skilled local tour guides, and this ensures that our customers are looked after on their safari. Visitors also have the opportunity to learn more about local cultures, animals and nature during their trip. Imbizi Safaris promotes understanding, tolerance and cross-cultural co-operation throughout its organisation.
  • Eco Tourism: Environmental Conservation, Creating Long-Term Benefits for All
    The environment is a key part of sustainable development, if it’s endangered there’s an immediate negative impact on social and economic development, which is why Imbizi Safaris has its Responsibility Policy and tries to encourage travellers to protect the environment by providing them with a list of responsible travel tips.
  • HIV / AIDS awareness
    Imbizi Safaris supports HIV/AIDS awareness. Specifically we support the work of the WEB Foundation, a non-profit organisation that focuses on HIV/AIDS prevention by developing educational tools for children from the age of 8.
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Fair Tourism

We operate under the philosophy of Fair Tourism. Our 4 principles of Fair Tourism are: Respect, Fair Share, Sustainability, Integrity.


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