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Managing Director

Caroline was born in Nigeria in 1972 and has always had strong connections with Africa.  As a Dutch national, she has a Masters in Law and worked as a solicitor in the Netherlands before joining a major telecommunications company as the manager of a legal department. Having received several awards for her contribution to the organisation, she felt she needed to do more outside the corporate landscape.  From 2003 to 2007 Caroline was the Treasurer of the WEB.foundation, an international Non Governmental Organisation (NGO) that is dedicated to stopping the spread of AIDS by developing worldwide awareness materials for children in the age of 8 yrs and older.  She recently graduated from her studies in Social and Behavioral Science and majored in Cultural Anthropology, a topic that helped Caroline begin her Imbizi dream.  Caroline also worked as a volunteer in Kenya and Namibia and lived with a local family in Otjomuise for 3 months to get a greater deeper understanding of Namibian cultures.

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Fair Tourism

We operate under the philosophy of Fair Tourism. Our 4 principles of Fair Tourism are: Respect, Fair Share, Sustainability, Integrity.


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