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At Imbizi Safaris, we believe that Namibia is one of the most beautiful awe inspiring countries in Africa. With its spectacular landscapes, abundant wildlife and rare vegetation, Namibia has something to offer everyone.

What really sets it apart from other destinations is its people. The Namibians are wonderful, independent and truly inspirational in their actions, beliefs and way of life. Experiencing what they have to offer is every bit as engaging and exhilarating as exploring their amazing country.

When you come on Safari with Imbizi, you’ll be setting off on an authentic African adventure. You’ll see, hear, taste and smell things that are familiar and foreign. You’ll always leave with a sense of longing, fabulous memories, and a desire to return

Our exclusive SELF DRIVE TOURS are designed for comfort, to make sure that you get ease of travel, adventure, fun and an opportunity to help.  Imbizi’s Fair Trade policies and sustainable tourism programs will ensure that everyone benefits from your visit. We donate a minimum of 5% to local projects on your behalf. Of course, we can also arrange a GUIDED TOUR for you. Or you can work with us to design your own tour: we can TAILOR ANY TOUR for ANY BUDGET.

Imbizi Safaris can also arrange CAR RENTALS for you, as well as bookings for ACCOMMODATION, ACTIVITIES, and/or OTHER SERVICES.

We’re looking forward to welcoming you.

Why Namibia: The Landscape

The Fish River Canyon is one of the largest in the world. See it from a high vantage point and watch it carve its way through the landscape, swallowing everything that was in its path. Then relax and take a moment to feel its mellow quietness, and find solace from your hectic life in its vast space under the blue African sky. To be visited during the 9 days Southern Explorer, 14 days Namibian Favourites and 16 days Full Namibian Experience.

Fish River Canyon

Discover the wonders of the oldest desert in the world: The Namib Desert. Its mystery, beauty and serenity stretch over 1200 miles in length and an average 70 miles in width. This seemingly endless sea of sand, gravel plains, and riverbeds is home to an assortment of species, specially adapted to its hot dry environment, such as the desert-adapted elephant: a unique species in the world. Watch the mesmerizing sand dunes slowly shift as they’ve done for the past 80 million years. To be visited during the 9 days Southern Explorer, 10 days Northern Discovery, 14 days Namibian Favourites and the 16 days Full Namibian Experience.


Welcome to Sossesvlei, the world highest dunes towering 395 meters high. This multicoloured shimmering sea of sand with its yellow, red, pink and orange colours is at its best at sunrise or sunset.  What first appears to be warm and inviting, is in fact a harsh and arid landscape. Just one of the many beautiful things Namibia has to offer. 9 days Southern Explorer, 10 days Northern Discovery, 14 days Namibian Favourites and the 16 days Full Namibian Experience.


Etosha National Park is one of the finest parks in Southern Africa, with a wide variety of wildlife that includes four of the Big Five and even bolder animals. It’s a great place to get acquainted with the animals and their daily habits. To be visited during the 6 Day Trek, the 10 days Northern Discovery, the 16 days Full Namibian Experience and the 14 days Namibian Favourites.

Etosha National Park - Oryx



Why Namibia: Other Highlights

• Namibia is home to 'The Big Five'. This phrase was originally coined by game hunters and referred to the large mammals that were difficult and dangerous to hunt. Fortunately, it’s now used by tourist and wildlife guides and includes the elephant, leopard, lion, buffalo and rhinoceros.

Rhinos Waterberg

• Equally impressive are the Small Five: the leopard tortoise, elephant shrew, ant-lion, buffalo weaver, and rhinoceros beetle. Also, we will be able to introduce you to a very broad variety of bird species and to the desert-adapted elephant: unique in the world!

• You will get to see the largest seal colony in Southern Africa at Cape Cross clapping, lazing around and basking in the sun, enjoying their natural habitat.

Seals Cape Cross

• Watch the graceful flamingos at Walvis Bay preen their feathers and strut around enjoying each other company, and if you’re lucky…gracefully taking flight in their thousands across the open sky.

• You can be among the few to study ancient Bushmen paintings and rock engravings that date back 20,000 years.

Bushmen art Twyfelfontein

• You will be able to step back in time in the historic town of Lüderitz where the first Europeans set foot on Namibian soil in 1487.


Why Us

• We appreciate the importance of taking time out of your everyday routine to experience a culturally enriching environment, which will be fun, entertaining and enjoyable, but also add value from a personal perspective. Imbizi Safaris aims to fulfil those objectives by offering our customer an authentic African experience through the ‘creative exploration’ of Namibia, its beautiful people, old ancient cultures and defiant spirit.

• We’ll offer you the opportunity to see and experience untouched and unspoiled land, explore Namibia’s inspiring beauty as it weaves in and out its diverse and spectacular landscape, whilst being respectful and mindful of conservation on your behalf.

• Imbizi Safaris works hard to contribute to sustainable social and economic development in Namibia. We understand the importance of Fair Trade in developing countries and operate under a philosophy which contributes, protects and respects. We donate a minimum of 5% to our selected development projects.


Emphasis on Quality:

• We provide accommodation in a comfortable and secure environment.

• If you prefer a guided tour, we will make sure that your tour guide is very well English speaking, qualified, knowledgeable and experienced, so he or she will be able to answer all your questions. Also, we make use of high quality equipment and luxurious air-conditioned vehicles.


Fair Tourism

We operate under the philosophy of Fair Tourism. Our 4 principles of Fair Tourism are: Respect, Fair Share, Sustainability, Integrity.


Our projects



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