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Due to Namibia's dry climate, there are less health problems in Namibia that are experienced elsewhere in Africa.

Health problems to take into account


  • The north of Namibia and Etosha National Park are prone to Malaria outbreaks, so be prepared and consult your doctor as to which malaria prophylaxis you should take.
  • We advise you to purchase insect repellent which contains DEET and have it with you at all times.


  • It is estimated that the rate of infection in Namibia is around 20%. It is generally advised to abstain from any sexual activities, or to ensure you are taking all necessary safety precautions.

Health insurance

  • When travelling to Namibia it is compulsory to have full medical, emergency evacuation and repatriation coverage for the period of your stay.
  • You must also carry proof of this insurance with you at all times. We advise you to carry a small card with all the specific details on it.

Medical facilities

  • Namibia has adequate medical facilities and you will find hospitals or emergency services in all larger villages.
  • There are chemists, pharmacists, doctors and other medical staff in Windhoek and all other large, regional cities.
  • Before you leave on your holiday, ensure you have the necessary travel insurance, cancellation insurance and medical insurance.
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