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  • Electricity runs on 220/240 volts, AC 50 hertz.
  • Outlets are of the round 3-pin variety, maximum 15 amps. Adapters can be bought at the airport, or in Windhoek.
  • Some campsites have 220/240V electrical supplies for recharging video and digital camera batteries, but others do not. Either bring a good supply of batteries to keep you going or obtain a 12 volt charger which can be used from vehicles.

Water and food


  • Tap water is safe to drink in Namibia.
  • Bottles of mineral water are available everywhere.
  • To avoid dehydration, it is generally recommended that you drink at least 2 to 3 litres of water per day.


  • The food in Namibia comes from the rich resources available. Delicious meat dishes from beef and game are most popular. Thanks to the productive fishing grounds off the coast there are also many mouth-watering meals made from fish.
  • Kitchens offer local and European meals. In the larger cities a wide variety of restaurants representing cuisines from around the world can be found.
  • There are also plenty of salads and vegetable dishes available.
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Fair Tourism

We operate under the philosophy of Fair Tourism. Our 4 principles of Fair Tourism are: Respect, Fair Share, Sustainability, Integrity.


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