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Imbizi Safaris Empowerment Employment /Incentive Programs

Imbizi Empowerment Employment Programs are designed with the corporate client in mind. These programs are built around team-building events incorporating challenging situations. Throughout the program participants will be able to get involved in local development projects and experience a completely different life to the one they have at home. By taking part in a program, so far removed from their everyday experiences, they will learn about and interact with other cultures and share unforgettable experiences with their colleagues that create stronger working relationships.

Imibizi Safaris team-building events are an important and unique tool for companies who would like to motivate and challenge their staff. By joining on one of our incentive safaris, you’ll be giving your employees an incredible empowering experience that has the power to change the way you do business. Highly motivated employees are essential to the development, growth and success of a business. Empower your workforce and you are ensuring the success of your organisation.

Volunteer programs in development projects

Imbizi Safaris provides a great service for people who are looking for the opportunity to come over to Namibia and work as a volunteer. We can help find you the right project for your specific skill set, enabling you to do the most good. If you come to Namibia to work as a volunteer you can work for anything from one week and up to 3 months in a development project run by a local organisation.

In this program, we liaise with JoHo, an international organisation that deals with work, travel and international cooperation.

Local Organisations

Examples of local organisations we work with in these programs are The Namibia Children's Home and PEACE .


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Fair Tourism

We operate under the philosophy of Fair Tourism. Our 4 principles of Fair Tourism are: Respect, Fair Share, Sustainability, Integrity.


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