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The WEB.foundation aims to stimulate worldwide communication about hiv/aids by educating young people before they become sexually active.
The WEB.foundation considers it of vital importance that young people know that they can and should protect themselves against hiv/aids. Aids need not exist, it can be prevented!
With contemporary educational tools, consisting of amongst others images developed specifically with local culture in mind, the WEB.foundation wants to start a dialogue about how you can, or can not become infected, what is safe contact and what is not, and how to interact with people who are hiv infected.

The WEB.foundation’s products

−    the  game ‘LOVE.check’ - versions for Zambia, southern Africa, Thailand and the Netherlands
LOVE.check is a communication game based on the principle of a ‘memory game’ and consisting of 70 cards. After playing the game, the cards depict storylines that encourage talking about hiv/aids and sexuality, at school, in families and with friends. The most important myths and fables are also dealt with.
Different versions of the LOVE.check game are developed, per country or group of countries, so that an optimal link can be achieved with the local cultures and their habits regarding sexuality. For each new version a team is assembled existing of specialists in the area of education and local culture, a sexologist, and representatives of the WEB.foundation. Later on a local designer and photographer are added. Actors on location are used to perform the situations on the pictures, connecting as closely as possible to the world in which the young people live. Every LOVE.check game is provided with a teacher’s manual in different languages or dialects where possible.

−    the  game ‘FAMILY.matters’

a communication game like LOVE.check but mainly on the topic hiv and hiv infection, meant for families with one or more members infected with hiv. It aims to address difficult subjects in a simple way thereby stimulating discussion and it is also a way to become stronger together.

−    two animations on one cd: ‘The Story of Bobo be HIV free’ and ‘be AWARE, take CARE’

showing  the destructive effects of the hiv virus and the beneficial effects of Anti Retro Viral medication.The animations take about 8 minutes each and are packed in a colourful cover with a quiz on hiv/aids


As Namibia has an estimated infection rate of 20%, it is important to distribute the game and the animations in Namibia. Through the Imbizi Projects Development Fund,  donations for the printing of the required 1000 games and dvds can be made.

More information can be found at www.lovecheck.org .

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