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“Taking you a step further”

 1. Introduction

It is evident that more and more youth are faced with the challenge in finding employment and creating self-employment. Due to a limited access for support and the requirements for qualifications, experience and the knowledge and skills in writing curriculum vitae’s, applications, business and project plans many lose hope, ending up  engaging in crime to support themselves and their families, resulting in being caught and ending up in prison with a criminal record.

With the collective partnership of the government, public and private sector a lot have been accomplished, the establishment of Multi – Purpose Youth Centers, Vocational Training Centers, Health Centers, Vocational Centres, Universities, Schools and Businesses.

Despite all these new establishments and opportunities created, these facilities and resources are not utilized to their fullest, merely for the fact of a lack of information. There are still youth that are uninformed on the whereabouts of these facilities, resources available and the accessibility of these resources. There are yet much unexplored opportunities within our borders and abroad. Apart from the lack of information, we are also confronted by various problems, such as the alarming increase of HIV/Aids, crime and lack of employment opportunities that highly affects the countries economy and social well being of the nation.

2. Project Overview

The Youth Educational Support Project (Y.E.S) is a non-governmental, non-profit, faith-based project, registered at the Ministry of Youth, National Service, Sports and Culture, National Youth Council of Namibia (NYC), NANCOF- Forum for NGO’s, endorsed by the Council of Churches in Namibia (CCN) and recognized by the Ministry of Education through its Khomas Regional Office. Working co-operatively with Multiple Youth Organizations (National and International), such as Educational Institutions, Private and Government Sector, Y.E.S. provides a much needed link between all youth and the various organizations that serve them.

2.1. Core Values

  • A commitment to equality of opportunities.
  • A commitment to young people as key partners in the learning and decision making process.
  • A recognition that youth work plays a crucial role in the enabling of young people to participate fully in the development of their services, their own communities and society as a whole.
  • A commitment to maintain and develop the voluntary and negotiated nature of relationship between young people and youth workers as a key element in the delivery of core informal educational service.
  • A recognition that the youth services have a key role in facilitating youth peoples effective engagement in learning including school, university based education and training, and
  • A commitment in reducing social exclusion which many young people experience, through partnership with other agencies.

3. Project Goals

The main goal of Y.E.S. is to increase learners and youth access to information, opportunities and resources on health education, capacity building activities, employment and entrepreneurship opportunities, to initiate youth development programs which will encourage the active participation of youth in the process to create self-employment opportunities and mobilize funds for youth development programs.

The project will reach its goals through establishing Mini Youth Resource Clubs (MYRC) at churches which are well established, easily excessable and safe to the public at large and also by setting up small notice boards at shebeens.

The MYR Clubs will provide the following services:
•    Operating as venues for trainings and workshops
•    Provide Study facilities and materials
•    Provide internet services and free iemails
•    Assist with typing of C.V’s and cover letters,
•    Provide information / notices on employment opportunities (incl. forms), trainings on entrepreneurship, project proposals, business plans and HIV/Aids, bursaries (incl. forms), scholarships, and assist with registrations at tertiary institutions.

Through all these activities more youth will be engaged, informed, educated and inspired, school going and out-of-school youth will have a greater success rate in achieving their ambitions and dreams. The Y.E.S. structure and core activities seek to support and enhance national, regional and local arrangements for delivering services to school going and out-of-school youth.

4. Operational Structure of Project

The Youth Mini Resource Clubs (YMRC) will be coordinated by the Y.E.S. head office, but will be managed by two (2) Community Volunteers after receiving training that will be known as Youth Officers that will be rewarded with incentive by means of cash, certificate or promotional materials.

5. Clientele

The area of operation of the project shall be in all thirteen (13) regions, but with regard to funds.
The beneficiaries will be learners in high school, University and Polytechnic students and unemployed / out-of-school youth.    

6. Appendix

Y.E.S. will disseminate information to the audience by means of:
•    Newsletters
•    Workshops and Trainings
•    Television broadcasting
•    Radio broadcasts
•    Presentation
•    Bumper stickers
•    Flyer and Posters
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