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Animals are creatures of habit, in the morning and the late afternoon they hunt and forage for food and in the late afternoon they search out waterholes to quench the days thirst. Our tours are designed around their routine lives, so you get to see them in the natural habitat, at their very best. We’ve tried to include as many game drives as possible, so you get an opportunity to see all the different animals that live in Namibia.

Our exclusive SELF DRIVE TOURS are designed for comfort, to make sure that you get ease of travel, adventure, fun and an opportunity to help.  Imbizi’s Fair Trade policies and sustainable tourism programs will ensure that everyone benefits from your visit. We donate a minimum of 5% to local projects on your behalf. Of course, we can also arrange a GUIDED TOUR for you. Or you can work with us to design your own tour: we can TAILOR ANY TOUR for ANY BUDGET.

Imbizi Safaris can also arrange CAR RENTALS for you, as well as bookings for ACCOMMODATION, ACTIVITIES, and/or OTHER SERVICES.

6 Day Trek (from 3.200 N$)

This 6 day trek is perfect if your time is limited. It’s a great way to see Namibia’s wonderful wildlife and experience some of its walks. You’ll also get to go on game drives through two of Southern Africa’s most beautiful national parks, and along the way you’ll get to visit some amazing land marks, historical sites and vibrant markets.

Please note that this tour is seasonal and can only be booked on every second, third and fourth Thursday during the months of April to November.

9 Days Southern Explorer (from 7.000 N$)

Head south on this safari and you’ll find breathtaking views from incredible natural canyons, see and experience the edge of the Kalahari Desert, the sunset over the red dunes at Sessriem, and visit some of Namibia’s most famous towns and ghostly settlements.

10 Days Northern Discovery (from 7.500 N$)

This tour will take you through Namibia’s most beautiful national parks including Etosha, Waterberg Plateau and Namib Naukluft  Park, as well as seeing the bustling towns and breathtaking deserts, you’ll be hiking, going on game drives and you’ll still find time for shopping or skydiving if you’re feeling really adventurous.

14 Days Namibian Deluxe (from 12.000 N$)

When you take ‘Namibian Deluxe’ you’ll be travelling in style. Throughout this incredible safari your transport is cool and comfortable and you’ll stay in luxury accommodation where the food is fantastic. The Namibian Deluxe takes you to the edge of the second largest canyon in the world, through ancient Bushmen territory and some of Namibia’s most spectacular nature sights including the Sossusvlei dunes, Etosha, the Petrified Forest, the largest seal colony in Southern Africa and you will be able to see many different species of wildlife, including the unique desert adapted elephants.

16 Days Full Namibian Experience (from 10.000 N$)

Get the full Namibian experience on this Safari - it combines the excitement of the 6 Day Trek and the Southern Explorer all in one fabulous authentic Africa safari. You’ll be able to see, compare, feel, touch and smell what Namibia has to offer from North to South!

Please note that the 3 days on top of the Waterberg Plateau National Park in this tour is seasonal and can only be booked on every second, third and fourth Thursday during the months of April to November.

Tailor-Made Itineraries

Work with Imbizi to create your own ultimate safari through Namibia! For the cultural minded, we could also include some visits to the Himba people and the Bushmen. We can tailor any tour to any budget.

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Fair Tourism

We operate under the philosophy of Fair Tourism. Our 4 principles of Fair Tourism are: Respect, Fair Share, Sustainability, Integrity.


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